PD Dr. Marzena Iwona Żygis

Zentrum fur Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin

Marzena Żygis
Colloquium for PhD students (virtual)
14.12.2021, Leibniz-ZAS Berlin

Klimek-Jankowska, Dorota, Bożena Rozwadowska,  Piotr Gulgowski, Hanna Kędzierska & Wojciech Witkowski 
A memorial workshop in honour of Prof. Joanna Blaszczak (virtual)
11.12.2021, Leibniz-ZAS Berlin

Marzena Żygis, Sarah Wesolek and Nasim Sarhaei 
Workshop on Statistics in R(virtual)
11.12.2020- 26.11.2021 (every three weeks), Leibniz-ZAS Berlin

Marzena Żygis
Colloquium for PhD students (virtual)
08.06.2021, Leibniz-ZAS Berlin

Marzena Żygis
Workshop: Measuring intonation: Theoretical and practical issues (virtual)
29.09 & 7.10.2020, Leibniz-ZAS Berlin

Żygis, Marzena & Stefanie Jannedy
Workshop: Prosody in Speech Signal Perception and Gestures (virtual)
8-20.04.2020, 43 GLOW conference, HU Berlin

Götzner, Nicole  Marzena Żygis
Workshop on 'An Introduction to Bayesian Inference using R'
25.02.2020, Leibniz-ZAS, Berlin

Marzena Żygis
Workshop on Experimental Methods in Laboratory Phonology
21.11.2019, Leibniz-ZAS, Berlin

Marzena Żygis
Workshop on Experimental Methods in Laboratory Phonology
01-02.04.2019, Leibniz-ZAS, Berlin

Marzena Żygis
Workshop on Experimental Methods in Laboratory Phonology
24.09.2018, Leibniz-ZAS, Berlin

Mooshammer, Christine & Marzena Żygis
Workshop on Generalized Additive Mixed Models (GAMMs)
30.-31.08.2018, Leibniz-ZAS, Berlin

Jannedy, Stefanie & Marzena Żygis
LabPhon Meeting
07.06.2018, Leibniz-ZAS, Berlin

Belz, Malte, Fuchs, Susanne, Jannedy, Stefanie, Mooshammer Christine, Rasskazova, Oxana & Marzena Żygis
Conference Phonetics and Phonology in German-speaking Areas
28.-29.09.2017, Leibniz ZAS and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Berlin

Hamlaoui, Fatima & Marzena Żygis
Workshop on 'Everything you always wanted to know about TOBI'
25.01.2016, ZAS, Berlin

Marzena Żygis
Workshop on 'Generalized Additive Mixed Models'
07.12.2016, ZAS, Berlin

Żygis, Marzena & Mary Beckman
Satellite Workshop on 'Dynamics and representation of turbulent sounds'
Laboratory Phonology Conference 15
13.07.2016, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

Hamlaoui, Fatima & Żygis, Marzena
Workshop on 'Transcription and analysis of intonation using the ToBI system'
24.05.2016, ZAS, Berlin

Żygis, Marzena & Sergio Quiroz
Workshop on 'Hypothesis testing using linear mixed effects models'
7.10.2015, ZAS, Berlin

Renate Raffelsiefen and Marzena Żygis
Strong versus weak prosodic positions: possible variation and relevance for grammar
Workshop at the DGfS Conference 'Grammatical modelling and linguistic diversity'
4-6.03.2015, University Leipzig

Zofia Malisz and Marzena Żygis
Prosody of Slavic Languages
Special Session at the Conference 'Speech Prosody'
21.05.2014, Trinity College, Dublin

Marzena Żygis
Workshops on 'Intonation at ZAS'
15.10.2012, 24.09.2013, 14.11. 2013, 10-02.2014

Christine Mooshammer, Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel and Marzena Żygis
Universality and variability in segment-prosody interactions
Workshop at the Linguistic Institute 2013
12.07.2013, University of Michigan

Downing, Laura, Annie Rialland, Jochen Trommer, Ruben van de Vijer and Marzena Żygis
The ninth Old World Conference in Phonology (OCP 9)
19-21.01.2012, Berlin

Żygis, Marzena
Workshop on Binary Logistic Regression und Linear Mixed Effects
24.05.2011, ZAS, Berlin

Żygis, Marzena and Maria Josep Solé
Expanding phonological horizons: On the role of aerodynamics in phonology
Special session at the XVIIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences
17-21.08. 2011, Hong-Kong

Żygis, Marzena, Susanne Fuchs and Stefanie Jannedy
Positional phenomena in phonetics and phonology
Workshop at the GLOW conference at the XVIIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences
13.05. 2010, Universität Wroclaw, Polen

Jannedy, Stefanie and Marzena Żygis
On form and function of insertions and deletions in speech
Workshop at the DGfS conference
4.03. 2009, Universität Osnabrück